Routine fire protection maintenance is essential for you to be confident that your system will function when it is needed. Should you need emergency repair, we are available every day of the week at any hour. Our full-service, fully equipped technicians are experts in the installation of fire protection systems. Because they know how these systems are built, they know better than anyone how to repair and maintain them. Everything we do, from the people we hire to the way we operate is all geared towards making our customers highly satisfied with their experience.


Place a strategic approach designed for all fire protection and gas suppression installations whereby assuring maximum efficiency with a minimum downtime
Maximum focus on reducing fire and safety threats Consistent implementation of various safety solutions for creating a secure environment in the system.
Real time data analysis on faults and alarms generated in the system, hence assuring implementation of corrective action in the shortest time span,Periodic inspection, testing & maintenance audit program to analyze and target the root cause for problems foreseen whereby ensuring minimum system downtime.



Provide 24 hours call center facility that will minimize the time delay to get better service from VASS to our clients.
Trouble ticketing system, that can allow clients to view the status and reports of all types of corrective and preventive maintenance and the frequency of the periodic maintenance online through web.
Complete periodic & preventive maintenance of Fire Alarm and Fire protection systems.

Corrective maintenance will perform on call basis.

Modification, upgrading & maintenance of Fire Alarm system, sprinkler system, Fire hose reel stand pipe, hydrants, deluge pre-action and

fire suppression system

Maintenance and certification of Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD)

Fire Extinguisher refilling

Training to the client about fire protection systems.
Room integrity test for fire suppression system.
FM 200-cylinder refilling