VASS has the expertise, experience and product portfolio to provide innovative solutions for video surveillance ranging from homes, small businesses to multi user configurations linking any part of the world for corporate, transport, traffic and public applications. With the market moving from digital to IP, VASS offers both pure IP solutions and hybrid systems with digital access at a local, regional, national or global level for operation.

Innovative Video Motion detection-
VASS applies its expertise in visual surveillance to develop innovative technology for video motion detection. Unlike traditional techniques such as infrared beams, Video Motion Detector actually analyzes the surveillance scene. When motion is detected, it triggers an alarm and automatically stores the images for analysis and used as evidence.


Camera-VASS offers over 400 different cameras from traditional 1/3" camera, with fixed or varifocal lens, dome cameras, speed domes, covert type, vandal resistant, IP and more.


DVR-Digital Video Recorder available in 4, 10 & 16 camera inputs with hard disks ranging from 40GB to 2000GB of storage capacity.


Matrix system-High end systems configured to a connecting city surveillance


Access Control System-VASS offers powerful, easy-to-use, IT friendly, integrated access control management for growing needs. Features include monitoring of access to and from facility, alarms and offering a complete security management system, seamlessly integrated in a single application. The software platform used is easy to implement, operate and support. he solution provided is cost-effective and scalable from single door to over 50,000 doors in one system. Latest features offered.

Photo ID Badging: Badge designs, image capturing and credential printing capabilities for producing sophisticated, high quality ID badges.


Web Clients: Authorized operators can now login from any desktop using a standard web browser eliminating the need to install and maintain client software.

Digital Video Surveillance: Integration with CCTV system allows access control and alarm events to initiate true event driven camera control, event tagging and recording, event playback as well as live video surveillance.


Reporting: Option of customizing reports for analyzing data on demand.

Open System Integration: Open database connectivity and an Application Program Interface(API) for addressing customer specific integration requirements.

Visitor Management System: Integration to log and track visitors.


Readers: Proximity, Smart Card, RFID, Dual Tech (with keypad) & Biometrics.

Software: Range of software available for different sizes of application and features- Banks, Retail chains, Corporate, Defense establishments, and more.